What Is Psychic Channeling

channelingThe world of metaphysical philosophy encompasses a broad range of spiritual phenomena, beliefs and practices that all fall under an umbrella that can loosely be called “paranormal.” Psychic paranormal phenomena, for example, can include but is not limited to telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry and precognitive dreams. Another type of paranormal phenomena that is sometimes referred to as “psychic” involves the ability to communicate with beings in the unseen world. There’s often confusion when the word psychic is applied to this phenomenon; some paranormal professionals feel that it is the wrong term because it blends two completely different types of activities into one seamless whole. While there are similarities, it is important to recognize the distinctions.

Psychic Practices

Psychic abilities derive from an advanced sixth sense in people who were born with this talent and/or have developed it through rigorous training. This sixth sense (or extra sensory perception) allows them access to information not normally available to the conscious awareness of average people. Some of the different avenues they use include clairvoyance (literally “clear vision”) through card reading, through reading an aura, physical contact with a person or an item, or other means specific to a person’s particular talents. The ability to psychically read a person is typically done with full conscious awareness whether it is face to face, over the phone, or through some other remote technology. People with this ability are able to connect with the energy or vibration of another person and literally “read” it.

However, how the energy will be interpreted will vary from reader to reader; thus, no two readings will ever be exactly the same. For example, if a psychic reader picks up the energy or image of a book it could mean there is some specific information meant for that person in a particular book. Another reader, on the other hand, might interpret that the person (or sitter) should write a book in order to realize their greater potential. It depends a lot on the particular style of the reader. The main thing to remember is that the information comes through the conscious awareness of the reader.


The access to otherwise unknowable information can also be accessed in other ways. In these cases, information can come through other “channels” while in a consciously aware state or in a state of suspended conscious awareness. A good example of consciously aware channeling is the use of a Ouija board. In this case, a question is asked and an answer is given by an unseen entity. Another example of consciously aware channeling is automatic writing. In automatic writing, the channeler clears his mind and allows words to flow through his hands onto a computer or piece of paper. The information that is communicating is typically of a spiritual or metaphysical nature. The channeler may or may not know who the entity is that they are communicating with.

Another way information can come through a person is through a trance state. In a trance a person’s conscience awareness is dormant for a period of time and another entity is allowed to animate the channel’s body. The entity uses the physical senses of the channel to communicate, usually through speech. Often (though not always) the quality of the channel’s voice changes noticeably as the entity takes over, as does other physical characteristics. The channel is clearly “gone” and somebody else is there. Again, the information is usually of a spiritual or metaphysical in nature. The entity can be anyone or anything in the unseen world. Common examples of channeled entities are angels, extraterrestrials, and people who were once in physical bodies. Some of the most famous channelers include Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts (famous for the “Seth” material), and J.Z. Knight who channeled Ramtha.

Whether a person’s talent is in psychic advising or in the ability to communicate with beings beyond the veil, what is required is a psychic or spiritual openness. Throughout human history there have always been people who are naturally gifted this way and who strive to use their gifts for the betterment of others.

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