The Link Between Psychics and Religion

metaphysical worldPeople who are new to the world of psychic phenomenon and have never had a psychic reading before sometimes worry that engaging in such a practice compromises the beliefs of their religious training. In some cases this is true. Some branches of Christianity, for example, disapprove of their members dabbling into what they consider occult practices because they feel it is “of the devil.” However, it is important to point out that there is a difference between religion and spirituality. Generally speaking, religion involves dogma and strict rules while spirituality refers to a broader range of practices and beliefs that seek to answer questions about the unknown and guide people on a path to self discovery. Psychic phenomenon falls into the realm of spirituality in a broad sense.

Psychics and Psychic Phenomena

Psychics are people who have the gift of “second sight.” Because of their psychic gifts, they tend to be very spiritual people           who believe their gifts are to be used to benefit other people. They are not people who believe that their gifts come from an evil or dark place. Most would say that their gifts are a blessing from “God” or whatever they believe to be a higher power or Supreme Being. In fact, most psychics downplay any sense of being special and usually insist that everybody has the potential to develop their own psychic talents. That said, the abilities that psychics display vary widely from person to person. Some have the ability to predict future events with a high degree of accuracy, while others are able to see into a person’s past. Others have the ability to sense the hidden talents and deepest feelings of people who are complete strangers to them. Some people possess the ability to locate lost objects. Some are talented in many areas but better in some than others. Regardless of the particular talent, psychics generally consider their gifts spiritual attributes.

Metaphysical Churches

While psychic practices and psychic phenomenon lie outside the realm of religion for the most part, interestingly there are some metaphysical churches that are rooted in Christianity. These Christians decline to see any conflict between their beliefs and the metaphysical world. One metaphysical Christian church in Florida, for example, “attempts to combine religion, science, and philosophy, and members live out the spiritual truths revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus.”

Overall, however, most metaphysical or spiritualist churches do not adhere to one particular dogma. They strive, rather, to teach universal truths that often draw from many religious traditions and worldviews. A good example is the church of Religious Science, also known as Science of Mind (which refers to the teachings of the church). Started by Earnest Holmes in 1927, the tenets of Religious Science/Science of Mind postulates a pantheistic worldview expressed as Infinite Intelligence, imbued and inherent within the universe and all of creation. The Religious Science practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment is a system that uses visualization for affirming positive outcomes, rather than prayer to a supreme being. In this sense, the philosophy of the church leans more toward metaphysical teachings than religion in the strict sense. Similarly, an organization known as the United Metaphysical Churches recognizes an Infinite Intelligence contextualized and termed as Divine Metaphysics. Divine Metaphysics accepts the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Bible not as the infallible word of God, but as one important source of spiritual wisdom among many.

It is not uncommon to find psychic development classes, guided meditation classes, or other classes that teach metaphysical concepts in independent metaphysical churches. Metaphysical churches are wonderful places to find open minded people who are accepting of worldviews of all sorts. If you are looking for such a community, use your own intuition to draw and you to the right place.

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