Connecting Psychics With Metaphysical Knowledge

tarot readingMost people have a sense of what a psychic is, or at least what a psychic does. While there are a lot of misnomers about how they work, it can be said that psychic readers (often referred to as “advisors”) serve as intermediaries between the known and unknown worlds of the client (often referred to as the “sitter”). That is, because of the special abilities true psychics possess, they can provide insights into the sitter’s world that the sitter often doesn’t have access to themselves.


But what is that unseen, unknown world? And why is it that some people have better access to it than others? The answer to these questions are rooted in a broader context, that which we can call the metaphysical. The word “psychic” translated from the original Greek word psychikos literally means “of the mind,” or “mental,” referring to the human psyche. But it also can mean “soul.” The term “metaphysical,” also derived from the Greek, refers to that which is beyond (“meta”) the physical. Metaphysics is the philosophical system of study of that which is beyond what we ordinarily perceive with our five senses.

Metaphysics and Science

The way we as humans experience our world is through our five physical senses. The information that comes to us is based on what we can see, hear, smell, taste or touch, and we call this “reality.” However, the many existent branches of metaphysics teach that reality is far more than what we can perceive in the physical realm. The world’s religions are based on this idea, but metaphysical thought goes beyond the dogma of religion. It simply accepts that there is more to the universe, or existence, than what our brains under normal circumstances are capable of perceiving. It accepts that there is such a thing as a “spirit world,” in whatever way we care to define it. In fact, as scientific knowledge advances it comes closer and closer to the same understandings metaphysics is based on. The field of quantum physics, for example, actually theorizes the existence of parallel universes, i.e. realms of existence beyond our normal senses. This includes realms of potential and even future experiences or knowledge. Another interesting factoid of modern science is the discovery of a chemical called DMT (dimethyltryptamine). Often thought of as a “hallucinogenic” substance, DMT is produced in the pineal gland of the human brain and is associated with religious, or peak experiences.

Scientific studies of the perceptions of people under the influence of high levels of DMT have confirmed the existence of what can only be called the spirit world. It is thought that DMT removes the perceptual filters built into our brains which keep us focused on our physical world. The philosophical gaps between science and spirituality are thus closing right before our eyes, metaphorically speaking!

The Convergence of Metaphysical and Psychic Knowledge

People who are psychic are different from other people only in that their perceptual filters are not quite so thick. If reality is far more than what we can perceive through our physical senses, then all a psychic person does is tap into that which is always already there (the metaphysical realm). Their brains are just hardwired a little differently. Often they’re born that way, but psychic ability can be developed or even imposed (think of people who have had near death experiences and come back with much higher levels of psychic abilities, or people who survived lightning strikes with elevated perceptual abilities).

Most psychics agree that everyone is psychic but they just are not aware of it. This means that every human being is capable of tapping into the realms of the mystical or the unseen, and of being their own intermediaries between this world and that which is otherwise unknown. We all have the potential to have access to knowledge that we previously thought only psychics had access to.


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