How To Find A Real Online Psychic

Everyone would love to have some insight into the future. This is one reason psychics are sought after so much. The only trouble is that some are less reputable than others. There have been stories published online and rehashed on television about encounters with psychics that have proven to be weird, uncanny or downright spooky. If you are looking to get some unbiased and maybe a little spiritual advice about your future, you can get some help if you find real psychics.

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How do you find real ones online? There are thousands as you have probably noticed.  This website will give you a good list of some of the best online psychics.   They are located all over the world. The first step is to research a good psychic platform and see what their terms are. There are some highly legitimate and reputable websites that host psychics of all kinds around the globe. Because the company is so sure of their talents, they back up their readings with 100 percent money-back guarantees.

That is a great way to know that you are sure to find real psychics on the website. You also want to search for the psychics based on whether they use tools like tarot cards or crystal balls. If this is not important to you, you can search just based on the person’s rates and reviews. Depending on how accurate various psychics are, their ratings get higher and so do their per-minute phone or Skype rates.

You want to be sure you vet your psychic carefully before getting your reading. Do not be afraid. If the person has been on a particular platform for years and has lots of happy customers, you are probably going to get a great reading.

Remember to go into your reading with an open mind and a positive attitude. Psychics can be real but that does not mean that they do not sometimes make mistakes. They can be real but that does not mean that they will have a definitive answer for you. This is because you have the right to choose your path in life at any time.

Psychics can offer true guidance for you which can help you make your final decision but they cannot and should not tell you what you absolutely must do. Never try to test a psychic by answering trick questions.  And you definitely can’t trust 2016 psychic celebrity predictions!

When you get a reading, have an idea of the question or the topic you want them to explore. If you ask them to give you a general reading, it can cause them to see so much in front of their mind’s eye that they do not know whether to talk about your career or your love life. Give them a topic for your reading. If you want to know what your career will be like in six months, that is a great way to get your reading started.

If you are satisfied with your online psychic you may want to return to them again to get another reading. If you liked their reading, remember to leave them a great review.

Learning The Ins and Outs of Psychic Readings

dream interpretationPsychic readings are performed in various settings. Throughout the years, however, psychics have received a bad rap based on a few bad apples in the bunch. Due to this, the real psychics, ones without malicious intent, are working harder to prove their credibility to skeptics.

Forms of readings

Depending on the type of psychic a person visits, determines what type of reading that they may receive. The most common type of reading, is tarot cards. This type of reading involves knowledge and the ability to concentrate on the cards and the person receiving the reading. There are many interpretations of what these cards mean depending on the type of card reading that is performed. What is common across the board is that each card has a meaning behind it. Next style of reading, is clairvoyance. This is where the reader can perform mind reading or perception based on various factors. Palm readings are one of the oldest forms of psychic readings and is still practiced by some psychics. This involves understanding the meanings of the lines that run through the palm.

How are readings performed

Before the many innovations in technology, readings were typically done over the phone or in person. Now with all the technology, these readings can be performed online, in chat rooms. You may even find webcam readings, or readings done through an instant messenger or some other type of chat application. Now with the advancements in wireless technology, there is also text readings and other forms of video chat. Many psychic readers have obtained their own websites in order to introduce themselves to the world. Obtaining a psychic reading by phone without actually meeting the psychic, is something that is becoming more prominent as technology advances.

Finding a psychic

As previously mentioned, there are many ways to find a psychic. Performing a search on the web, is one way to find one. People searching for readers don’t have to search far, as there are many advertisements around. You can even find directories or websites dedicated to the psychic profession.

The most important thing to remember with receiving a psychic reading, is to understand some are meant for entertainment purposes only. Thorough research is also recommended before deciding to go with a particular psychic. This will avoid disappointments that might be received in the event that expectations are too high in regards to the reader.

What Is Psychic Channeling

channelingThe world of metaphysical philosophy encompasses a broad range of spiritual phenomena, beliefs and practices that all fall under an umbrella that can loosely be called “paranormal.” Psychic paranormal phenomena, for example, can include but is not limited to telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry and precognitive dreams. Another type of paranormal phenomena that is sometimes referred to as “psychic” involves the ability to communicate with beings in the unseen world. There’s often confusion when the word psychic is applied to this phenomenon; some paranormal professionals feel that it is the wrong term because it blends two completely different types of activities into one seamless whole. While there are similarities, it is important to recognize the distinctions.

Psychic Practices

Psychic abilities derive from an advanced sixth sense in people who were born with this talent and/or have developed it through rigorous training. This sixth sense (or extra sensory perception) allows them access to information not normally available to the conscious awareness of average people. Some of the different avenues they use include clairvoyance (literally “clear vision”) through card reading, through reading an aura, physical contact with a person or an item, or other means specific to a person’s particular talents. The ability to psychically read a person is typically done with full conscious awareness whether it is face to face, over the phone, or through some other remote technology. People with this ability are able to connect with the energy or vibration of another person and literally “read” it.

However, how the energy will be interpreted will vary from reader to reader; thus, no two readings will ever be exactly the same. For example, if a psychic reader picks up the energy or image of a book it could mean there is some specific information meant for that person in a particular book. Another reader, on the other hand, might interpret that the person (or sitter) should write a book in order to realize their greater potential. It depends a lot on the particular style of the reader. The main thing to remember is that the information comes through the conscious awareness of the reader.


The access to otherwise unknowable information can also be accessed in other ways. In these cases, information can come through other “channels” while in a consciously aware state or in a state of suspended conscious awareness. A good example of consciously aware channeling is the use of a Ouija board. In this case, a question is asked and an answer is given by an unseen entity. Another example of consciously aware channeling is automatic writing. In automatic writing, the channeler clears his mind and allows words to flow through his hands onto a computer or piece of paper. The information that is communicating is typically of a spiritual or metaphysical nature. The channeler may or may not know who the entity is that they are communicating with.

Another way information can come through a person is through a trance state. In a trance a person’s conscience awareness is dormant for a period of time and another entity is allowed to animate the channel’s body. The entity uses the physical senses of the channel to communicate, usually through speech. Often (though not always) the quality of the channel’s voice changes noticeably as the entity takes over, as does other physical characteristics. The channel is clearly “gone” and somebody else is there. Again, the information is usually of a spiritual or metaphysical in nature. The entity can be anyone or anything in the unseen world. Common examples of channeled entities are angels, extraterrestrials, and people who were once in physical bodies. Some of the most famous channelers include Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts (famous for the “Seth” material), and J.Z. Knight who channeled Ramtha.

Whether a person’s talent is in psychic advising or in the ability to communicate with beings beyond the veil, what is required is a psychic or spiritual openness. Throughout human history there have always been people who are naturally gifted this way and who strive to use their gifts for the betterment of others.

The Link Between Psychics and Religion

metaphysical worldPeople who are new to the world of psychic phenomenon and have never had a psychic reading before sometimes worry that engaging in such a practice compromises the beliefs of their religious training. In some cases this is true. Some branches of Christianity, for example, disapprove of their members dabbling into what they consider occult practices because they feel it is “of the devil.” However, it is important to point out that there is a difference between religion and spirituality. Generally speaking, religion involves dogma and strict rules while spirituality refers to a broader range of practices and beliefs that seek to answer questions about the unknown and guide people on a path to self discovery. Psychic phenomenon falls into the realm of spirituality in a broad sense.

Psychics and Psychic Phenomena

Psychics are people who have the gift of “second sight.” Because of their psychic gifts, they tend to be very spiritual people           who believe their gifts are to be used to benefit other people. They are not people who believe that their gifts come from an evil or dark place. Most would say that their gifts are a blessing from “God” or whatever they believe to be a higher power or Supreme Being. In fact, most psychics downplay any sense of being special and usually insist that everybody has the potential to develop their own psychic talents. That said, the abilities that psychics display vary widely from person to person. Some have the ability to predict future events with a high degree of accuracy, while others are able to see into a person’s past. Others have the ability to sense the hidden talents and deepest feelings of people who are complete strangers to them. Some people possess the ability to locate lost objects. Some are talented in many areas but better in some than others. Regardless of the particular talent, psychics generally consider their gifts spiritual attributes.

Metaphysical Churches

While psychic practices and psychic phenomenon lie outside the realm of religion for the most part, interestingly there are some metaphysical churches that are rooted in Christianity. These Christians decline to see any conflict between their beliefs and the metaphysical world. One metaphysical Christian church in Florida, for example, “attempts to combine religion, science, and philosophy, and members live out the spiritual truths revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus.”

Overall, however, most metaphysical or spiritualist churches do not adhere to one particular dogma. They strive, rather, to teach universal truths that often draw from many religious traditions and worldviews. A good example is the church of Religious Science, also known as Science of Mind (which refers to the teachings of the church). Started by Earnest Holmes in 1927, the tenets of Religious Science/Science of Mind postulates a pantheistic worldview expressed as Infinite Intelligence, imbued and inherent within the universe and all of creation. The Religious Science practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment is a system that uses visualization for affirming positive outcomes, rather than prayer to a supreme being. In this sense, the philosophy of the church leans more toward metaphysical teachings than religion in the strict sense. Similarly, an organization known as the United Metaphysical Churches recognizes an Infinite Intelligence contextualized and termed as Divine Metaphysics. Divine Metaphysics accepts the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Bible not as the infallible word of God, but as one important source of spiritual wisdom among many.

It is not uncommon to find psychic development classes, guided meditation classes, or other classes that teach metaphysical concepts in independent metaphysical churches. Metaphysical churches are wonderful places to find open minded people who are accepting of worldviews of all sorts. If you are looking for such a community, use your own intuition to draw and you to the right place.

Connecting Psychics With Metaphysical Knowledge

tarot readingMost people have a sense of what a psychic is, or at least what a psychic does. While there are a lot of misnomers about how they work, it can be said that psychic readers (often referred to as “advisors”) serve as intermediaries between the known and unknown worlds of the client (often referred to as the “sitter”). That is, because of the special abilities true psychics possess, they can provide insights into the sitter’s world that the sitter often doesn’t have access to themselves.


But what is that unseen, unknown world? And why is it that some people have better access to it than others? The answer to these questions are rooted in a broader context, that which we can call the metaphysical. The word “psychic” translated from the original Greek word psychikos literally means “of the mind,” or “mental,” referring to the human psyche. But it also can mean “soul.” The term “metaphysical,” also derived from the Greek, refers to that which is beyond (“meta”) the physical. Metaphysics is the philosophical system of study of that which is beyond what we ordinarily perceive with our five senses.

Metaphysics and Science

The way we as humans experience our world is through our five physical senses. The information that comes to us is based on what we can see, hear, smell, taste or touch, and we call this “reality.” However, the many existent branches of metaphysics teach that reality is far more than what we can perceive in the physical realm. The world’s religions are based on this idea, but metaphysical thought goes beyond the dogma of religion. It simply accepts that there is more to the universe, or existence, than what our brains under normal circumstances are capable of perceiving. It accepts that there is such a thing as a “spirit world,” in whatever way we care to define it. In fact, as scientific knowledge advances it comes closer and closer to the same understandings metaphysics is based on. The field of quantum physics, for example, actually theorizes the existence of parallel universes, i.e. realms of existence beyond our normal senses. This includes realms of potential and even future experiences or knowledge. Another interesting factoid of modern science is the discovery of a chemical called DMT (dimethyltryptamine). Often thought of as a “hallucinogenic” substance, DMT is produced in the pineal gland of the human brain and is associated with religious, or peak experiences.

Scientific studies of the perceptions of people under the influence of high levels of DMT have confirmed the existence of what can only be called the spirit world. It is thought that DMT removes the perceptual filters built into our brains which keep us focused on our physical world. The philosophical gaps between science and spirituality are thus closing right before our eyes, metaphorically speaking!

The Convergence of Metaphysical and Psychic Knowledge

People who are psychic are different from other people only in that their perceptual filters are not quite so thick. If reality is far more than what we can perceive through our physical senses, then all a psychic person does is tap into that which is always already there (the metaphysical realm). Their brains are just hardwired a little differently. Often they’re born that way, but psychic ability can be developed or even imposed (think of people who have had near death experiences and come back with much higher levels of psychic abilities, or people who survived lightning strikes with elevated perceptual abilities).

Most psychics agree that everyone is psychic but they just are not aware of it. This means that every human being is capable of tapping into the realms of the mystical or the unseen, and of being their own intermediaries between this world and that which is otherwise unknown. We all have the potential to have access to knowledge that we previously thought only psychics had access to.